This chapter of the Alive saga has come to a close.


I personally want to thank all the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with and all the clients I had the absolute privilege to serve.


If you are looking for a particular service or solution, I am proud to refer people to the below companies.


It’s been a blast. Thank you.


– Chris Hershberger

Mobeo Media LLC

Paid Media, Conversion Pages, & Mobile Wallets

We are the experts in increasing sales through better ads, conversions, and customer retention. Our specialty is working with consumer-driven businesses and brands that sell through a physical location such as consumer goods manufacturers, franchises & retailers.


Public Relations & Communications

Sociable Consulting LLC is owned by industry veteran Allison Lowe Burum, a committed integrated marketing communications professional with a passion for storytelling and building programs that support driving business growth.

Rogue Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

So you’re researching digital marketing agencies and business consulting firms… Welcome to Rogue Marketing. What is the business problem—not just the marketing problem—that got you to this point? We’re asking because we focus on the outcome, not the tactic.

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The Best Clients Any Agency Could Ask For